Node, React, Python, Go or Haskell Developers

£ 90000
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Job description

Southern lights are recruiting for a number of Node.js, Python, React, Go and Haskell Developers.

If you are an open source engineer in Europe then we probably have a role that matches your requirmenet.
We specialise in hiring open source and product developers in various sectors including: Blockchain, FinTech, Med Tech, Hospitality, Anaylitics, eCommerce and web and mobile app development.

Here's a few roles we are recruiting for:

  • Node.js Developer: Node.js, AWS, SQL
  • Front End Developer: React and React Native Developers
  • Full Stack Developer: React, Reract Native
  • Python Developer: Python, Django
  • Go Developer: Go, JavaScript
  • Fiull Stack Developer: Node.js, React.js
  • Ruby & Ruby on Rails Developers
  • Vue.js & AngularJS Developers

£30,000-£40,000 p/a for Juinor Developers
£40,000-£55,000 p/a or Mid Level Developers
£50,000-£60,000 p/a for Mid to Senior Developer
£60,000-£90,000 p/a for Senior Developers

We are hiring across Junior, Mid and Senior positions. Please send me a copy of your CV with your contact details to to arrange a call and discuss your requirements.