Meet the super heroes... who could help you?


Microsoft Whiz Kid

A sliver haired, heavily bearded, gin drinking, Lego playing, food loving, rugby fanatic born in Wales, but now living in Bristol. If he is not spending time renovating houses or buying vintage trainers, he will be travelling, visiting friends and family or pottering around Bristol with his wife and new baby. Currently receiving therapy for a peculiar obsession with Indian cuisine where he could happily eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day of the week! With over 6 years of recruitment experience within the Microsoft technology sector he is very well placed to help to both candidates and customers. He prides himself on a friendly, honest and extensive approach with great results. Free for a chat anytime.


Client Crusader

With a love for the unusual, Becky has led a varied life. Born in Wales (and proud!), she’s lived in SE Asia, the US and Africa; now settled in Bristol she agrees our city is the best! Her career has also been unconventional at times, from setting up the Props department at CBBC to working with street dogs in West Africa… but in recent years her career has been customer focused… with over 8 years helping clients with their recruitment.  Now a mum she leads a more sedate life, but still thoroughly enjoys heading off on adventures overseas and making the most of her weekends in the UK, especially if it involves watching Wales beat England at Rugby!


Senior Appointments Guru

An early rising, curly haired, relaxed Scotsman who lives for Liverpool FC and loves a refreshing pint after a good mountain bike session. Based in Bristol since birth, “McKay” loves travelling the world (hindered slightly since the arrival of his son!) and now the proud owner of a new California campervan. On a more professional note he is a Director with over 15 years of IT recruitment experience in the South-West. Primarily specialising in senior appointments & IT infrastructure his knowledge is invaluable for any client looking to recruit or any candidate looking for a career move. Please contact “McKay”, he has the industry knowledge and is not afraid to use it!


Java & Testing Grand Master

Born and bred in Bristol, Joe is laid back and cares about making a difference to people's lives by getting them jobs they actually want. If he isn’t playing racket sports, golf or at the gym he will be wining and dining with friends and family or in the sauna letting off some steam. Loves the word “actually” and does suffer from selective hearing! With over 15 years of experience in the IT recruitment industry serving the Java, Testing and Business Analyst markets, he always makes it his mission to attract the best talent for his loyal clients. A combination of a professional and honest approach with his passion for life is reflected in his work with great success. If you need any help please don’t hesitate to call.


Infrastructure Inferno

A tall, polite, well-travelled Bristol hipster who enjoys wearing his Dad’s shirts, white socks and any garment that is generally black. He is a keen festival goer who loves socialising, is always up for pastry no matter what time of day and carries an emergency chorizo in his bag at all times. Known as the “Wilf of Whiteladies Road” by his colleagues and often heard saying “Sorry, sorry” or any variation of the word pardon, he is currently cutting his teeth and making a name for himself in the world of infrastructure recruitment, including 1st, 2nd, 3rd line support and DevOps. Wilf is a well respected young man, wise beyond his years and has become a very important part of the Southern Lights team.


UI/UX/Mobile/PHP Phantom

George is a passionate rugby man having played on the wing for Clifton and enjoys playing his decks to relax. If he is not pecking away on Facebook, he is in the gym pumping iron, charming young ladies or both at the same time! He loves a bargain and is often spotted trawling the reduced section in Morrisons. George’s metabolism is abnormal sometimes eating over ten meals per day! He is your go to man for anything UI, UX, PHP or Mobile related at Southern Lights and has made a real difference, receiving candidate and client recommendations. He is a very driven and meticulous chap and really cares what people think. One day he wants to get his PADI diving license, continue to travel the world and enjoy life.


Business Development Daredevil

Originally Born in Norwich and now an adopted Bristolian. Daryl has many lookalikes... Ali G, Nasa Husain and David Blaine, but above all he is nicknamed ‘Pebble’ in the office due to his apparent likeness to the wrestler ‘The Rock’, albeit on a smaller scale! He is a man of routine, eating Belvita biscuits at breakfast, medium sized bananas at lunch and drinking half pints after work. He spends his spare time travelling, rambling with friends, boxing, playing tennis and hitting the drums hard. He is a down to earth individual with a dry sense of humor. Winning business is one thing but more importantly he is dedicated to forging long standing business relationships on behalf of Southern Lights.